Rose Pasta Recipe

This rosé pasta (pink sauce pasta) recipe is one of my favorite pasta dishes. A great combination of pasta with tomato sauce and pasta with creamy sauce. That makes the best creamy tomato pasta dish. This pasta dish is made with fresh cherry tomatoes, cream, parmesan cheese and more amazing flavors. The best part of… Continue reading Rose Pasta Recipe

DIY Campervan Upgrades

With the weather warming, and motorhome season just inches away, it is the perfect time to get to work on your campervan. Whether you hire out your motorhome or prefer to keep it for personal use, your motorhome deserves the very best treatment. Time to give your interior a new lease of life, or get the outside… Continue reading DIY Campervan Upgrades

The Importance of Empathy

Empathy can be a pretty fuzzy concept. In fact, most people who score high on assessments in the area of empathy often have no idea what they do; they just know that they like people, they enjoy working with and helping people and they value people as individuals. In a recent presentation to healthcare professionals on… Continue reading The Importance of Empathy

50 Weird Laws Around the World

Every country is different, and every country’s laws are different. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, and other times they point to important cultural values that might be different than your own. We’ve compiled a list of 50 weird laws around the world you may not believe exist. But when you’re traveling, you… Continue reading 50 Weird Laws Around the World

Interesting Facts About Dogs

– There are more than 150 dog breeds, divided into 8 classes: sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding, and miscellaneous. – According to a recent survey, the most popular name for a dog is Max. Other popular names include Molly, Sam, Zach, and Maggie. – Dogs can vary in size from a 36 inch… Continue reading Interesting Facts About Dogs

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